Asgaard Real Estate Services provides brokerage services to companies and individuals.

Co-founded in 2004 by Max Francischiello and Claudio Celli, Asgaard first began by offering representation services to property owners. The founders’ combined experience and expertise in commercial real estate allowed Asgaard to quickly increase its mandate and clientele.

Asgaard customers include: Groupe Mach, Allied Properties, Standard Life, Ciot, Cancorp Property Group and others, as well as private funds and foundations. Our clientele represents a total of 3 million square feet in office space.



Spend some time with the experts. Asgaard provides consulting services to property owners, including negotiating lease transactions for commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping malls or industrial use buildings. To guarantee success every time, Asgaard has put into place an exhaustive and researched strategy that enhances client relationships as well as our relationship with other brokerage firms.



Looking for the perfect property or land can be a challenge. Asgaard is one of the few real estate agencies to offer investors a property search service for its customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have trouble finding a specific property or if you would like us to approach owners of a building or land.



Your clients and customers are looking for you. Thanks to its extensive network of contacts and deep knowledge of the Canadian real estate investment market, Asgaard quickly identifies potential buyers for your property. But no worries: Asgaard’s strategy of targeted marketing ensures the utmost confidentiality. Our tiered reward system makes the cost of our services extremely competitive and advantageous to the seller.


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